Suppliers: Create a More Predictable Cash Flow

Supply chain financing used to be all about businesses being able to extend DPO on their invoices to maintain liquidity. This one-sided financing process could turn the supply chain into a bottleneck, with suppliers struggling to get paid in a timely manner. The results created greater stress on the buyer-supplier relationship rather than economical results.

While TradeRocket gives buyers the chance to extend DPO, it also allows suppliers to decide when to get paid on their approved invoices. This creates a more effective communication channel, with full transparency of the invoice process, and a win/win relationship for both sides of the process.

suppliers HIGHLIGHTS

Suppliers want to be able to get their invoices paid when they need the cash

TradeRocket provides access to additional working capital without leveraging existing or additional bank lines. Suppliers can take advantage of flexible financing rates that unlock cash from receivables on a without recourse basis.


Suppliers need a more effective way to communicate with their customers

TradeRocket gives buyers a central location for all their suppliers to quickly access critical account data; view the status of your invoices and payment notifications without using additional resources.


Suppliers want to improve the cost of financing their customer invoices

The risk of predicting and managing payment cycles is reduced with TradeRocket.