Atlanta Metro Export Challenge Initiative: 2017 Kickoff Event with TradeRocket

Two out of the three don’t make physical products, and the third represents an industry that prides itself on its local flavor. 

But the companies showcased at a kickoff for this year’s regional Metro Export Challenge initiative illustrated how consciousness about what constitutes an export is evolving.

More than 130 people gathered at Atlanta’s Red Brick Brewing to hear how these firms and others used $5,000 (or more) in grant money last year to make inroads in global markets.

The consensus among the panelists? Exporting — whether a travel experience, a financial service or a traditional shipping container — is eminently achievable but requires a shift in mindset and good group of partners.

“If you try to do it yourself, (exporting is) crazy. None of these guys would tell you to do that. But if you grab the right partners and grab the right friends to help — and you bring a case of beer — you can get a lot done,” said Jim Eckstein, CEO of TradeRocket, alluding to the venue and using some of the humor he said helped him win the grant last year.

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