Funders: A Better Way to Fund Clients

TradeRocket offers opportunities for funders to build their client base by investing with confidence in funding companies with cash flow needs without risk or incurring high acquisition and operational costs.

Our target funders range from Money Center Banks, to Regional Banks, to Finance Companies, to Alt-Fi. With the increased efficiency provided by the TradeRocket platform, funders are motivated to deploy their capital at an appropriate risk level to maximize return.

TradeRocket gives funders the chance of placing capital in a market that had previously been inefficient and difficult to access. This presents an opportunity to also expand service offerings to current customers and respond effectively to a competitive marketplace.


Funders want a safe investment vehicle for helping businesses fund their supply chain needs

TradeRocket is a high yield investment vehicle that can increase loan outstanding without having to pay any client acquisition costs



Funders want to fund more clients without the additional fees and resource costs

Supplying funding to clients on TradeRocket reduces the risks as every invoice requested for early financing is buyer-approved and authenticated prior to the payment requests



Funders want to be able to offer current and new clients more funding options to inject liquidity into their supply chains with minimal costs

TradeRocket is a viable product offering for new clients, adding a new revenue stream to your existing payment services. Experience less concentration risk with stronger credit applications from established TradeRocket client businesses