Buyers: Financial Supply Chain Freedom

TradeRocket provides the technology to connect Buyers and Suppliers to a network of Funders to facilitate access to working capital. Through TradeRocket’s cloud-based platform, Buyers can have fast access to cash and pay their invoices when they want, while giving their Suppliers the opportunity to get paid early.

TradeRocket also offers Accounts Payable automation services that help companies reduce costs and streamline invoice processing. With AP Automation, companies can reduce the cost of processing an invoice up to 60% while eliminating paper, and reducing inquiry calls from suppliers. TradeRocket’s solutions provide full transparency of the AP process, and a win-win relationship for Buyers and their Suppliers.


Pay when you want to

With our capital you’ll be able to provide your suppliers with the opportunity to get paid early. Unlike a line of credit, this capital will not appear on your balance sheet. This allows you to optimize your DPO and effectively reducing your COGS. 


Bring unparalleled efficiency into the AP process and reduce costs by 60%

TradeRocket’s secure, cloud-based platform automatically manages the AP process with e-Invoicing, invoice matching, e-Payments and digitization of all data. It takes manual processing out of the equation, freeing up personnel and providing faster, more accurate access to information at all points of the AP process. The result? Costs reduced an average of 60%.


Take your supplier relationships to the next level

One of the most powerful methods of developing more favorable relationships with suppliers is through providing them with access to the Accounts Payable process. TradeRocket’s secure, cloud-based platform provides suppliers with 24/7 invoice status tracking, on top of an Early Pay option, which allows them to choose when they’d like to get paid.