Can TradeRocket Help You With Your Invoice and Payment Processes?

Is your Accounts Payable department swamped with paper invoices?  Is your invoice approval process manual and time consuming?  Is your Accounts Payable department spending a large part of its day responding to suppliers phone calls?  Is your Accounts Payable department wasting time chasing down purchase order and inventory receipt data?  Are you unable to take advantage of early payment discounts offered by your suppliers because it takes too long to get an invoice approved for payment?  Are your suppliers frustrated because they cannot get paid when they need the cash?

Bob had these same problems until he heard about TradeRocket.  Learn how TradeRocket helped Bob replace his paper-based manual invoice process with an electronic and automatic invoice process.  Now Bob can do more with less.  Also learn how TradeRocket helped Bob give his suppliers the ability to get paid early without negatively impacting his company’s cash flow

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John Monroe